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We only deal with Genuine and Authentic Supplements, from GMP certified Manufacturers, acquired globally, and locally from registered Distributors Our Manuka Honey selection is New Zealand’s Finest and has certified UFM grading certificates. VitaminsOnline.ae is E-commerce Portal of SRG Natural Herbs Trading LLC. Which is part of SR Group of Companies established in 2005.The Idea is to provide Genuine, Authentic and Pure Vitamins and one of the best Manuka Honeys affordable for our consumers.

Premium Supplements With A Focus On Purity & Quality


We take a responsible and ethical approach to supplementation so you won’t find us offering super-max strength tablets if they aren’t needed. Why should you pay for 10,000mg if the body only needs 10mg?! We source standardized extracts that are far more concentrated than many products available on the market meaning you can take fewer tablets to get the same amount of active ingredient. Most of our supplements are Vegan friendly. Our Honey Selection is One of the Finest acquired from New Zealand. This is backed by UFM grading certificates by Competent authorities.

Quality assured

All of our supplements are manufactured to the strictest manufacturing standards, and our Midlands packing and processing facility is compliant with all relevant Food Safety requirements. We are regularly inspected by Environmental Health, as well as UAE Standards and approved by the Dubai Health Department.

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We genuinely care about our customers

We are ready to listen and here to help if you need advice just get in touch – all inquiries will be dealt with individually and in the utmost confidence.

The Vitamins Online Team

If you give us a call, we will be able to help you with everything you need. You can find our contact details here.