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Korean Red Ginseng Powder Capsule

(6 customer reviews)

  • KRG Powder Capsule is a 100% Korean red ginseng product
  • Encapsulated for greater convenience and suitable for those who do not appreciate the taste of Korean red ginseng
  • Gift it to your friends and loved ones

440.00 AED 518.00 AED


This is the 100% Korean Red Ginseng product made by 6 years grown Korean Ginseng powder into hard capsules form
easy to carry and consume. Recommended for those looking for 100% pure Korean Red Ginseng products.
Package : NET WT : 90G (500mg x 180 capsules)
Direction: Take 2 capsules, 3 times a day

World’s No.1 Ginseng Brand CheongKwanJang
CheongKwanJang (I ÈTE), an iconic legacy of herbal supplements with 120 years of history has been
loved by over 40 countries worldwide and is recognized as the World’s No.1 Ginseng Brand based on 2010-2019 Euromonitor.

A Health Food Crafted by a Millennium Throughout history, ginseng has long benefited the health of people. Red ginseng was discovered in Korea, in the 12th century, nearly a thousand years ago, and has since advanced as a staple health food. Red ginseng lives up to its legendary reputation, with its values proven by a millennium of history and medical effects recognized by both Oriental and Western medicine. It is truly a healthy food crafted by history and science.
Resembling the human body, Korean ginseng plant roots were frequently used to maintain good health for more than 2000 years prior to the emergence of modern pharmacy. Fresh, raw ginseng, which is harvested in farmland, is composed of 7596 water and can easily be spoiled. After fresh ginseng is steamed and dried, it contains 15% water and turns reddish yellow in appearance. During this process, the healthy active components, beneficial for the human body, are increased. Korean ginseng requires a strict cultivation environment and is characterized by differences in quality depending on differences in cultivation conditions. The Korean peninsula has an optimal ginseng cultivation environment and Korea as an origin of ginseng has thousands of years of accumulated ginseng cultivation and
manufacturing technology. These are reasons why Korean red ginseng from Korea gains popularity internationally and is distributed widely.

Health Efficacies of Korean Red Ginseng

By promoting blood circulation and supporting bodily functions, Ginseng provides our body with the power to fight diseases;

It is a way to make our bodies stronger.

Relieve Fatigue

Study on the anti-fatigue and anti-stress properties of Panax ginseng

Promote Memory Function Study on the improvement of cognitive degradation caused by normal aging

Boost the Immune System Study on the antiviral activity of ginseng extract against respiratory syncytial virus infection

Increase Antioxidant
Activities (Anti-aging)
Study on improvement of physical
functions of the elderly

Promote Blood Circulation
Study on the inhibition of platelet
aggregation and improvement of
microvascular blood supply



Based on 6 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Kassem

    Easy to use with no after-taste.


  2. Ryma

    The first time I took this I was surprised at the amount of energy it gave me. Helps a lot


  3. Brian

    Ginseng could help improve brain functions like memory, behavior, and mood. Thumbs up


  4. Martin

    I had been feeling fatigued and constantly tired. I tried drinking more coffee and it wasn’t helping. I also found it was hurting my relationship since I was feeling run down. I started taking this and after a few days I felt more consistent energy and even blood flow and performance improved. Great product and i will keep using!!



    I feel highly energized when taking this. I used to be addicted to energy drinks and this by far lasts longer and I don’t experience jitters, like drinking too many energy drinks does. Not sure if its because of this, or in combination, but it also seems to be highly effective in combating my mental fatigue. It allows me to stay working on things long.

  6. Najama

    Amazing product ,The two most noticeable benefit with Herbtonics Korean Red Ginseng was the physical energy and mental and emotional motivation. I started back at the gym after over a year and felt great. I have been recommending This brand of Korean Red Ginseng to all my friends and family.


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