MOYA SENCHA NO. 21 Tube 60gm

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MOYA SENCHA NO. 21 Tube 60gm

59,00 AED

  • 100% organic Japanese green tea sencha
  • FLAVOUR: grassy & slightly salty flavour
  • COLOUR: greenish gold
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Sencha: The Taste Of Japanese Tradition

Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan and it is also the most famous green tea in the world. Its infusion has a mildly sweet and very refreshing flavour, with buttery, grassy notes and green-gold colour. The word „sencha” literally means „brewed over low heat” and it refers to the typical brewing of leaf tea that involves pouring hot water over dry leaves. This tea releases its best flavour when brewed with soft water with low pH. Moya Sencha no. 21 is organically cultivated on the island of Kyushu

Sencha Preparation

  • VOLUME: 2-3 g / 150 ml
  • TEMPERATURE: 70-80°C
  • INFUSION TIME: 2 min
  • MULTIPLE INFUSIONS: Yes, up to 3

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3 reviews for MOYA SENCHA NO. 21 Tube 60gm

  1. Badriyah

    Best Organic Sencha tea. has a light flavor. Everyone enjoys the taste of it.

  2. Jenny

    It is a good source of antioxidants.

  3. Marci

    It might be one of the best green teas I’ve tried. Really like it

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