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Moya Matcha Products

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Matcha tea has been known for its healing properties for the body and mind. It’s a magical ingredient as it has many health benefits. Matcha are green teas but have been harvested very differently. After the leaves of the green tea are plucked, it is kept covered and shade-grown for 3 to 4 weeks. This process increases the production of chlorophyll, increases amino acids, and gives the leaves a darker color. After the harvest, the stems and veins are removed from the leaves to make them into a fine powder.
This is how matcha teas are made and have been consumed by millions of people all around the world.

Moya Matcha Tea

Benefits of Matcha Tea:

Matcha tea is very famous all over Japan due to its increased popularity. People from all over the world are drinking and getting numerous health benefits. As Japanese are known for their good and healthy life which increases their longevity. In Japanese culture, tea is used for ceremonial purposes too and is known as a Ceremonial matcha from Japan.

Let’s dive in for the health benefits that come from matcha:

  • Protects the liver function by flushing out the toxins.
  • High antioxidant properties to prevent chronic diseases.
  • Enhances brain function.
  • Promotes Heart Health.
  • Helps to lose weight.
  • Easy to prepare.
  • What are the Moya Matcha products?

    1. Moya Organic Japanese Genmaicha Green Tea

    In Japan, the Genmatcha tea was considered the tea for the poor. But in modern society, genmatcha tea has gained popularity into becoming high in demand. It is also known as a popcorn tea due to its look. This is unlike any other matcha tea as it contains a combination of sencha leaves and roasted popped brown rice. This gives a nutty aroma to the tea and a light yellow color. Traditionally Genmatcha teas have been consumed with meals as they aid in the digestive system. Genmatcha contains good minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Because of its properties, the monks drink genmatcha during their fasting period. The tea does not cause any acidity in the stomach so it’s a perfect drink for long fasting.

    2. Moya Matcha Traditional Organic Japanese Green Tea

    Organic Japanese matcha is a classic drink in Japan. It is finely powdered into magic dust which contains many healing properties for the body. The particles of the tea are so fine that they melt right in the warm water. Brewing into a delicious aromatic drink. The matcha has a bitter-sweet taste, creamy texture, and green color. Due to the popularity of matcha tea, it is also mixed with lattes, smoothies, and many others. The tea leaves contain high levels of antioxidants, giving many health benefits to them. Moya Matcha Organic tea comes in two types of packaging such as tea ziplock and paper tin.

    3. Moya Organic Green (Sencha Japanese) Tea No. 21

    Sencha matcha green tea is the most popular tea all over the world. It has slightly sweet and earthy notes to the taste. Moya sencha matcha tea comes from the region islands of Kyushu. The tea comes from the second harvest which gives it more of a balanced taste. The word sencha means to slowly brew over on low heat, as it releases the best flavor. Matcha teas are great for losing excessive body weight and support the digestive system.

    What’s the Hype about Moya Matcha?

    The brand Moya Matcha specializes in matcha products. The green tea of matcha is sourced from the Uji region of Kyoto. The region is known for the highest quality of matcha production over the last 800 years. The Uji region has the most fertile soil and clean water which is great for growing tea plants. This is an ideal choice for crop growth because it has the right weather conditions for it. The hills have proper sunlight and frequent mists.

    Moya matcha has been cultivated and harvested in a family-owned field. The tea is 100% organic and carefully harvested to bring out the best from the tea leaves. The quality of the tea leaf is confirmed by EU-organic certification and Japanese organic certificate which is issued by JONA. The teas are grown on lands that are free from pesticides and carefully checked for chemical-free quality.

    Moya Matcha comes in four different types such as premium, daily, traditional, and culinary. The premium quality of the tea comes from the youngest and first harvest. It has a mellow rich taste with a creamy texture. The traditional matcha comes from the first and second harvests. It has a well-balanced bitter-sweet taste and malachite green color. The daily matcha has a strong green tea taste that comes from the second and third harvests of the tea. Culinary matcha tea comes from the third harvest and is perfect for cooking or baking purposes.

    If you would like to have that exquisite taste for matcha teas then Moya Matcha is the brand for you. Moya Matcha specializes in bringing the best matcha tea.

    Moya Matcha Powder

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